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Everything You Need at Each Stage of Home Making...... A house is not merely a space between the four walls or a mix of concrete or bricks, but has an identity of its own that should reflect the personalities living in it. For every Keralite, a home is a life time ambition and achievement .Since building a home involves application of a variety of skills, resources and materials, information is the key to an efficient building process. Perumthachan Inc is an initiative of a group of architects, engineers & designers who have come together to present a treasure house of knowledge on modern house building. We provide you with invaluable expertise of our experienced architects and designers integrating timeless beauty of Kerala Style architecture with the needs of the modern times. Our team has extensive experience in designing and building more than 600 homes in diverse locations in Kerala .Their architectural & technical expertise supported by fine environmental ,geographic cultural and economic sensibilities have enabled them to realise the making of some of the finest residences across the Kerala landcape. This website primarily aims at providing all the information needed at every stage of home making and beyond and it is our endeavor to make it up to date.